More Than 70 Million U.S. Workers are Actively Considering a Career Change

Because they are not happy or do not feel secure in their current career or are in transition because their job has been eliminated:

> 50%

of U.S. adults are interested in changing careers

Major Barrier 1

they feel that they cannot afford to start over

Major Barrier 2

they do not know what new direction they should take

Now there’s an effective and affordable program for anyone to overcome these barriers and pursue a new, stable career that they can be both successful and happy in.

The Problem

More than half of all workers in the U. S. want a career change. The main reasons are because they: 1) are not passionate or engaged in their current career; 2) have lost their current career due to unforeseen circumstances or 3) are threatened by current or projected impacts of technology advancements.

Did you know?

More than 50% of all U.S. workers will change careers more than twice during their working life.

The Solution

The PATH2HappiSuccess program is the only process that objectively takes into consideration five personal characteristics and current, transferable experience and skills to assist adults in determining their top 3 careers. It’s a fast, easy and affordable way for a worker to determine how they can be both happy and successful in a new career.

Did you know?

PATH2HappiSuccess is the only career selection program that takes into consideration all six personal characteristics.

The Benefits

Workers who are confident that they are in a new career that best fits their personal characteristics will have a greater opportunity to find a solid job with a higher than average potential for career advancements and salary. On the other hand, an undefined path toward the future leads to uncertainty, stress and possibly, another career change. The PATH2HappiSuccess program will maximize the potential for you to determine a new career.

Did you know?

The potential for extraordinary success in a career is almost always greatest for those who are happy and passionate about their work.

and Reliability

PATH2HappiSuccess provides you with the opportunity to discover and research your top 3 best-fit careers. Out program take the doubt and guesswork out of your decision process in determining what your next career move should be.