Recently I wrote a Mini-Blog titled 4 to 6 hours –“that’s a lot”!  Its purpose was to show that the 4 to 6 hours it takes to complete the PATH2HappiSuccess career-finding program is minuscule when compared to the time people spend on other things.  And yet, completion of the program can have extremely positive effects on a student’s college experience and entire 40-year career, or on the remaining career and overall life of a person changing job.  The Mini Blog was spurred by a discussion I had with Trina Fleming, CEO of WHW, a wonderful non-profit organization that provides the unemployed and underemployed with skills and resources they need to get and keep a good job.

We were discussing potential synergies between our two groups. She first asked how long our program takes, and when I responded 4 to 6 hours, she responded, “that’s a lot”!  I explained to her that the time is really minor when compared to the program’s positive impact it has on the participants life and career. This resulted in the creation of the 4 to 6 hours –“that’s a lot”! Mini-blog.

What I did not mention in that Mini Blog, was that Trina also asked what the PATH2 program costs.  And again, I responded with “that’s a lot”! when I said $449 (with discounts for groups).  I then explained that the price is very reasonable and actually low when compared to the savings and gains  each participant can realize from the program results.  Examples are illustrated in the following tables:







The >$1,000,000 career salary gain is an average amount that results from the 1/3 of graduates who are in careers they are good at and engaged in (Gallup,2017), and therefor perform well above average.  The engaged employees are those most likely to get higher raises and to be promoted to management positions.





Similar to the college case, the >$500,000 career salary gain is an estimated increase for a 20-year career change. The gained career income would be much higher than $500,000 if the period is greater than 20 years or if the participant is promoted into a management position.

The only logical conclusion from the above comparisons is that a $449 investment to determine your best career is practically infinitesimal when compared to savings and gains realized by determining a career that you are both good at and passionate about.




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