When you change careers, it’s usually because you’re not happy with your current work or your job is being eliminated by technology. In either case, you want/need to find something different that will give you more potential to be both Happy and Successful.  Almost surely, the right new career will require new or different skills and abilities.  But in order for you to maintain your economic status, it’s typically important that your current Skills and Experiences add value to your new path.

This is least difficult for management positions where “soft” skills (e.g., communications, team-building, problem-solving, time management) are most important.  It is less straight forward for many other careers where Technical Skills remain most important.

PATH2HappiSuccess has developed a straight-forward and affordable program specifically designed to assist participants in determining the top new career suited for both:

  • Their unique personality, aptitude, interests, preferences, and top traits,
  • And the strength and relevance of their current experience and skills.

A key step in the program is use of the Labor Department’s massive O*NET Online career database which allows them to evaluate the attractiveness of careers that they:

  • Could be both good at and passionate about.
  • Have attractive salary and growth potentials.
  • Require skills and experiences that are transferrable from their current position.

For more information, explore www.PATH2HappiSuccess.com.

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