Evaluating how susceptible jobs are to being affected by technological advances must be a key consideration when selecting any new career.  As technical advances continue to increase exponentially, more and more jobs will be lost – forever.  A quick search on the effects of the potential impacts of Artificial Intelligence (A.I.show that A.I. will impact as many as 1/3 of workers in America by 2026which is projected to be the largest impact on employment in history. 

The most secure jobs are in strategic planning and management, and where experience, location and/or compassion is needed to best handle customers, suppliers, patients, and other stakeholders.  The least secure jobs are those that are not strategic and are repetitive or do not require activities at a specific location.   

Find the secure and well-paying job you deserve 

The majority of new college graduates, who change majors 1-to-3 times, will have a high risk of getting jobs that are not complex and are repetitious in nature, exactly the types that are most susceptible to A.I. 

The PATH2HappiSuccess program for determining a student’s Top Career and Best Major can greatly reduce the potential for their career to be lost to technological advances in a number of ways. Two steps in the program specifically look at related factors: 

  1. Most attractive careers are generally classified as “Bright” on the U.S. Labor Department O*Net Online career database, meaning above-average growth is projected for at least 10 years. 
  2. The evaluation of career stability is a specific topic explored during research on their Top 3 careers. 

Several other outcomes of the program will also help identify and avoid A.I. risks before they can negatively affect your career: 

  • Having a college major that is related to a career that you will be both good at and passionate about, will give you a high potential to elevate to positions of strategic planning and/or management.  
  • Having solid internships will provide exposure to companies that may be shifting toward adding efficiency and productivity through AIand those segments of the work that will be most affected by the shift. 
  • Being exposed to national and regional career/trade associations will introduce you to the magnitude and types of jobs the industry leaders are expecting to be most affected, positively and negatively. 

The bottom line is that the PATH2HappiSuccess program will provide participants with the information and steps to move toward careers that are relatively bulletproofed from technological advances and careers that will actually be strengthened because of AI disruptions. 

PATH2HappiSuccess provides an affordable and easy-to-use program that quickly allows adults in career transition to determine their best new career. 

For more information, please explore www.PATH2HappiSuccess.com. 

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