Most employees believe or accept that there are no significant opportunities to obtain a higher salary than is typical for others in similar positions. In the vast majority of cases, especially for college or trade school graduates, this situation is not necessarily true.

This is because most bosses have reached a level where their income is related to the degree to which they satisfy the goals and objectives of the organization (e.g., increased profits, wider recognition, etc.).  If this is the case in your situation, then you generally will have the opportunity to separate yourself from your peers.

The simple “magic” is to become the “outlier” by producing a better product than is expected and to do so ahead of the requested schedule. In doing so, even without discussion, it won’t take long for your boss to recognize that you are helping him/her meet or exceed their objectives. Then, naturally, when bonuses and raises are established, and most importantly when promotions are determined, you will rise above everyone else because your boss knows that they cannot afford to lose you.

While it does take some extra effort to become an outlier, you will be rewarded with a fortunate outcome. Great philosophical and material rewards come from knowing that you are becoming the best and “subconsciously” one of the most important employees for the company’s success. The best result is that as you will be able to perfect the way to become the best outlier and therefore your chance of rising farther than you ever imagined can easily become your reality.

PATH2HappiSuccess provides an affordable and easy-to-use program that quickly allows adults in career transition to determine their best new career.

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