While writing my book Career Happiness and Success, I repeatedly came across alarming statistics about college graduates and their odds of getting good jobs upon graduation. These statistics reveal an important trend: Choosing the wrong college major — or entering college “undeclared” — often leads to greater debt and slim odds of getting a good job at graduation. In contrast, choosing the right major for you can improve your chances of happiness and success in college and in your career.

The Perils Of Choosing The Wrong College Major

Numerous studies spotlight the problems associated with choosing the wrong college major or entering college “undeclared.”

• Only 27% of graduates get jobs in the area of their majors, according to a Federal Reserve Bank of New York report.

• Gallup’s State of the American Workplace report (registration required) shows that only 31% of college graduates are engaged (highly involved and enthusiastic) in their work. The remainder are unattached or not passionate, including many who are just unhappy at work.

• According to a 2018 report by labor analytics firm Burning Glass Technologies, 43% of college graduates end up in jobs that do not even require college degrees.