PATH2HappiSuccess Career Transition Program Helps Workers Find New Careers Best Suited to Their Unique Capabilities and Experiences

Early adopters find direction for new and better careers after being displaced, downsized or leaving their careers due to dissatisfaction or disengagement

COTO DE CAZA, Calif., Sept. 18, 2019 — PATH2HappiSuccess™ today announced its new online Career Transition Program, which helps workers in career transition determine new careers in which they will be happier, engaged and more successful. PATH2HappiSuccess also offers a Student program that helps high school and college students find their best majors for future career happiness and success.

Developed by Dr. Richard Ellison, author of Career Happiness and Success, the program helps workers find new careers best suited to their unique capabilities and experiences. It utilizes proven testing technologies, including “16 Personalities” and MAPP aptitude® tests and the Strong Interest Inventory®, along with Dr. Ellison’s proprietary evaluation process.

“The PATH2HappiSuccess programs empower users to identify their best career options based on what makes them unique, including their personalities, aptitudes, interests, preferences, natural abilities and past experiences,” Dr. Ellison said. “It also gives them a roadmap to the actions they need to take to find their ideal careers.”

As part of the roadmap to career success, the program helps users navigate the U.S. Labor Department’s O*NetOnline career database, which includes salary expectations, educational requirements, the long-term outlook and job listings for each career. It also helps users find new careers that are resistant to automation and/or supply-and-demand changes as advances in artificial intelligence are expected to impact as many as one-third of U.S. workers by 2030, according to a 2017 McKinsey & Company report.

Early users are inspired by the PATH2HappiSuccess program’s ability to identify new careers that match their unique experiences and expertise

“The PATH2HappiSuccess Career Transition program helped me find a new healthcare career that utilizes my 12 years of experience as a vet tech,” said Katie Vellucci. “Based on the program’s findings, I applied for and was hired to work in a hospital’s medical records department. It’s a whole new career for me, and I am very excited.”

“I was in a mid-life career transition, having worked in a variety of professions, including legal, research and media. The PATH2HappiSuccess Career Transition program gave me insights into new career avenues that would be a great fit for me, which helped me identify and pursue opportunities. I recently landed a job in a whole new industry, thanks in part to the program,” said Lisa Flom.

“The PATH2HappiSuccess Career Transition program helped me find a new career in teaching painting for therapy and fun. This job combines my expertise and skills and does not require any additional education. I feel like this career will bring both happiness and success,” said Jodi Cocuzzo.

“PATH2HappiSuccess helped me validate my new career direction in cybersecurity and information technology. I can now proceed with the confidence that this career is a fit for my long-term happiness and success,” said James Ferrante.

“The PATH2HappiSuccess program helped me identify strengths I did not know I had and provided insights and direction to empower me to pursue a new career that is right for me,” said Jizel Banki.

Happy, engaged workers drive success for themselves and their companies

“Having employees in the right careers is essential to building workplace engagement, which contributes greatly to overall business success,” explained Dr. Ellison, formerly the founder and CEO of several successful national environmental consulting and engineering companies. “Employee engagement promotes retention, fosters customer loyalty and improves organizational performance,” he added.

According to Gallup, engaged employees are defined as those who are involved in, enthusiastic about and committed to their work. GALLUP’s 2017 State of the American Workplace report states that 70 percent of U.S. workers say they are not engaged at work and not reaching their full potential. The report further states than 51 percent of U.S. workers are actively looking for a new job and/or a new career.

“Workers who are confident that their careers fit their personal characteristics have a greater opportunity to find and be hired for jobs with higher-than-average potential for career advancements and salaries,” said Doug Wooley, Project Director at ProPath Inc., an Orange County-based business providing out-placement services.

“For a minimal investment of money and time, those in career transition can completely change their lives by finding new careers in which they can be engaged, resulting in long-term career happiness and success,” Dr. Ellison concluded.

Now available, the online program is $449.

About PATH2HappiSuccess

PATH2HappiSuccess college and career transition programs empower students and adults to find lifelong career success and happiness. Utilizing proven personality and aptitude tests, integrated with a proprietary process developed by Dr. Richard Ellison, author of Career Happiness and Success, PATH2HappiSuccess identifies each person’s top career choice and best college major based on their unique personality, aptitude, interests, preferences and natural traits. For more information, visit