Early in my 40-year career, I had the opportunity to be employed by a variety of companies. Then, for most of my career, I hired and worked with many very successful colleagues at my consulting companies. Through these experiences, I developed an easy-to-implement technique that almost guarantees a successful outcome in the majority of circumstances. This technique relies on completing every assignment so that the results are “More, Better and Quicker” (MBQ) than anticipated by the supervisor who assigned the task.

A Top Performer

If you consistently follow the MBQ Principle, you will put yourself in a very positive position anytime a raise or promotion opportunity arises, because your supervisors will recognize that you are:

• Not just one of the rare “engaged” workers on their team but one of the top performers, meaning it will be far more enjoyable for them to work with you;

• Making their job easier and helping them improve on their own deadlines; and

• Helping them look good to their superiors and/or customers.

Since your work will always be superior to the norm, supervisors will systematically give you the most important assignments, which will allow you to also gain positive exposure with their bosses.

What Do I Mean By More, Better, Quicker? 

A specific assignment or task that you’re asked to complete is usually just one element in a larger, overall “big picture” activity or goal. Frequently, your supervisor will tell you what’s needed based on limited information. So, once you start doing the detailed work, you may see a better way to complete the assignment — for example, an alternative that would satisfy the big picture better.