has published a column, “How choosing the Right College Major Can Lead to More Success and Less College Debt,” by Dr. Richard Ellison, creator of PATH2Happisuccess.

In his column, Dr. Ellison shares the perils of choosing the wrong major and the negative long-term impacts versus the lifelong career benefits of choosing the right major. According to his research, college students who choose the right major are:

• More likely to graduate in four years;
• Happier studying subjects for which they are passionate and have talent;
• Able to avoid or reduce the typical college stress crisis;
• More likely to maintain a high level of self-confidence as they achieve good grades and recognition;
• Able to graduate with less student loan debt because they don’t need extra years to graduate; and
• Ready to excel in a career that is engaging and enjoyable for them.

Dr. Ellison is a regular contributor. Forbes previously published his column, “How to Increase the Number of Engaged Employees in Your Organization”, which is available here.

Dr. Ellison is an expert on career happiness and success and is the author of Amazon five-star business book, Career Happiness and Success. He is a member of the prestigious Forbes Coaches Council, an invitation-only organization for successful business and career coaches. Visit his Forbes executive profile here.

As the founder and creator of PATH2HappiSuccess career assessment programs for college students and those in career transition, Dr. Ellison is passionate about helping people find career happiness and success based on what makes them unique. PATH2HappiSuccess is the only online career assessment program that recommends careers based on a combination of personality, aptitude, interests, preferences and natural traits.

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