For a relatively small investment, the PATH2HappiSuccess program will allow you to determine:

  • The 2 or 3 new careers with the highest potential for you to be happy and successful
  • The single top new career for you based on the detailed research of the 2 or 3 best careers
  • Have the opportunity for career advancement doing work you are passionate about and good at
  • “Bulletproof” yourself against threats of advanced technology

Upon Approval: You will receive an email containing an overview of the program process, including a link to login/register for the program.  In the email you will also receive a pre-paid Code for taking the MAPP and 16 Personality tests, that you will use in Session 1 of the program.

If you have a tracking or P2 special value code, please apply at checkout. 

One-Time Payment

One-time payment:

Installment Payments

4 month installment plan

$115 per month

For volume pricing and/or strategic partnerships,

We accept the following methods of payment: