The PATH2HappiSuccess program will provide you with focus and confidence, helping you to achieve your goals, while essentially eliminating the potential of a negative outcome from transitioning your career.

A well-defined path toward a bright new future will allow you to:

  • See the benefits of each effort and activity leading to the best path for you
  • Avoid costly and depressing missteps along the way
  • Have confidence that you are on your way to a great career because all of the essential factors (Love to do, very good at, be needed and assure you will be rewarded) are being optimized
  • Begin to build a new career-related network as you are getting prepared
  • Feel justified that you deserve a fair new salary considering your experiences and special abilities for the new career
  • Have an overall feeling of certainty, knowing that all of your transition efforts lead to the improved life you are seeking

Any one of these factors contribute to increasing the happiness and success of all aspects of your life.

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