Regardless of how bad your current career circumstances are, even the thought of changing careers can be stressful. Common questions that contribute to this stress include:

  • Do I have the resources to support the change?
  • Will I be able to hold on to my present situation, until I successfully change careers?
  • Can I be sure a new career will make me happy and that I will have opportunities for success?
  • Can I be sure that the new career is resistant to technology and/or supply/demand changes?
  • Will my existing experiences and skills be useful in getting a good job in my new career?

Frequently, these concerns can keep you from actually pursuing a new career. Or, if you’re currently unemployed, the idea of pursuing a new career that differs from your previous profession can be even more stressful.

PATH2HappiSuccess has developed a straight-forward and affordable program specifically designed to minimize, if not eliminate, these stressors. The PATH2 program allows you to aggressively pursue your career change with the confidence that you are making the right decision and that you have the right tools to maximize your success.

The process consists of four short sessions to:

  1. Determine your best 15 Vocation Areas based on your Aptitude and Personality.
  2. Determine your best 40 to 50 specific careers related to your 15 Vocation Areas and narrow those to 15 Specific Careers based on education requirements, growth rate and salary ranges, and how well your current experiences and skills add value.
  3. Determine your Top 5 Careers considering the specific career data, your current experiences and skills, and your personal Interests and Preferences.
  4. Rank your Top 5 Careers against your best 5 Traits to determine your Top 3 Careers and research them to select your Top Career.

In the process, you will learn a tremendous amount of characteristics related to careers you could be good at. And most importantly, it will provide you with a path to a new, successful and happy career.  The career change process will no longer seem daunting as you confidently pursue a realistic opportunity toward a happy and successful new career.

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