Are you looking for or in need of a career change?  Recent studies show that you’re not alone! Actually, millions of other Americans are looking for a career change as well.  Most find that beginning the career change process is difficult because of uncertainties about how to start as well as how to make sure their pursuit will actually lead to a better situation.  They may even be afraid of being questioned or criticized for wanting to move away from their current career path just because they’re “unhappy” at work.

However, there are certain factors that can be used reliably to determine new careers that will make you happy and provide a path for success.  The personal factors that determine how happy and successful you will be in a new career are:

Personality – Aptitude – Personal Interests – Personal Preferences – Natural Traits

Also, knowing expected salary ranges, available benefits, future industry stability and potential for growth, competitive education requirements and understanding the value of your current skills and experiences are essential to make decisions related to maintaining an acceptable new standard of living.

Fortunately, PATH2HappiSuccess has developed an affordable and easy to use program available to guide anyone to determine their best new career considering all of these factors.

PATH2HappiSuccess provides an affordable and easy-to-use program that quickly allows: 1) high school and college students to determine their Top Career and Best Major; and 2) adults in career transition to determine their best new career.

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