Don’t Become One of these Alarming College Statistics


of students change their major at least once and 33% change it more than once

College Result

2 extra years of college, > $40,000 in additional tuition, and $100,000 in lost revenue

Career Result

Long-term career loss of as much as $1.5 million in lost career income and 40 years of not being happy in their work

Now there’s a process for high school and college students
to define their top career choice and best major.

The Problem

More than 60% of all college freshmen do not graduate in four years. A key reason is that the majority of students change their major at least once, and often 2 or 3 times.  This results in more than 50% of these students having to extend their undergraduate career for at least one to two years.

Did you know?

On average, it takes college
students more than
6 years to graduate

The Solution

PATH2HappiSuccess is the only process that takes into consideration five personal characteristics to assist students in determining their top career and related best major. It’s a fast and easy way for high school juniors and seniors and existing college students to focus on a happy and successful future.

Did you know?

PATH2HappiSuccess is the only program that takes into consideration all six personal characteristics

The Benefits

Students who are confident in their career and major get better grades, great internships and a focused future. An undefined path toward the future can lead to a feeling of uncertainty, stress and being overwhelmed with changes and new challenges associated with college and concerns over getting that first job. PATH2HappiSuccess provides students with focus by minimizing the negative outcomes of uncertainty and confidence to succeed.

Did you know?

Students who know their top career and related major are
confident and comfortable throughout their college career

and Reliability

PATH2HappiSuccess provides students with the opportunity to research their top career and best major. This improves their chances of getting good career-related internships and graduating in four years with job opportunities that put them on the right path to success and happiness in their life.