About Us

The PATH2HappiSuccess program is a proprietary process developed by Dr. Richard Ellison, author of Career Happiness and Success. He has been helping students and those in career transition identify their top career choice and best major since 2015.  Beginning in 2017, Dr. Ellison decided to formalize the process so that it could be available to help the public at large.

In writing his book, Dr. Ellison became aware of some very alarming statics that revealed college students were taking an average of six years to complete their college degree, accompanied by a tremendous amount of debt.  Not to mention they have trouble finding a job they could be happy and successful in, even after investing all of that time and money.

Among those in transition, he identified in his research that 70% of working adults were unhappy and disengaged in their jobs, resulting in 60 million adults changing their jobs and careers each year.

Dr. Ellison’s mission and the mission of PATH2HappiSuccess is to provide everyone with an opportunity to determine their best path toward having a happy and successful career and in turn, life.

We invite you to spend time on our website and to get to know our extraordinary leadership team and those business advisors who are investing their time and energy to deliver on our mission.