About Dr. Richard Ellison

Author of Career Happiness and Success

PATH2HappiSuccess is based on the book, Career Happiness and Success written by Dr. Richard Ellison. While people can become successful, they are not always happy in their career. The essence of the PATH2HappiSuccess program is the basic premise that success doesn’t breed happiness, but happiness will breed success.

While the program currently focuses on helping high school juniors and seniors approach their best career choices and in turn, the college majors that support those goals and the colleges that can best deliver on those majors, the PATH2HappiSuccess is not just limited to high school students.

Freshmen and sophomores in college who do not have a clear path can also benefit from the PATH2HappiSuccess program, as can the thousands of adults in transition or that are just unhappy in their current careers.

To learn more about how the program was created, watch the short video with Dr. Ellison below.

For a copy of the book please visit Dr. Ellison’s website.

About Dr. Ellison

During his 40-year career, Dr. Ellison moved up the responsibility chain from

  • Draftsman and field technician, to
  • Project Manager for major geotechnical projects, to
  • Exec. VP of Corporate Development for “ground breaking” Environmental Consulting Group, to
  • Founder of a national leading Environmental Remediation and Waste Management Consulting Group, to
  • CEO of a rapidly growing Public Company doing Environmental, Energy and Infrastructure Engineering.

During this continuously expanding career, he grew from being a national best Technical Expert to a Leader of professional teams solving some of the most important Environmental, Waste Management and Mining Issues in the United States.

In each of his management positions, Dr. Ellison hired, managed, mentored and partnered with many highly talented professionals in a variety of Engineering, Scientific and Program Management. Many of those colleagues grew to be top level managers in elite companies including nine who founded and created their own very successful companies with annual revenues between $10 and $270 million.

Testimonials of prior colleagues who have their own successful careers

“While working with Dick in a start-up firm about 30 years ago, Dick provided the vision and the strategy to lead D’Appolonia Consultants from about 20 people to one of the largest independently owned engineering companies in the world in its specialty areas. Working together, we always had a lot of fun and were able to build and train a staff of professionals recognized as worldwide leaders in the geotechnical engineering, geology, seismology and environmental engineering. The experiences of working with Dick and observing how he pursued new business and motivated people and clients were key to me in starting my own successful consulting firm”.

Paul C. Rizzo, Ph.D., P.E.
Founder and CEO, Rizzo Associates

“When Dick opened a D’Appolonia office in Albuquerque to serve the Nuclear Waste industry, he asked me to take the lead on the “flagship” Waste Isolation Pilot Plant (WIPP) project. In a short period, we were able to build a powerful staff of engineers and scientists to assist in making that project to be the only deep geologic disposal site for nuclear wastes in the country. With extreme focus on servicing the customer’s need for high end technical performance under demanding schedule, I with Dick’s guidance was instrumental in growing our services by tenfold in one year. When Dick decided to start his own company, Environmental Solutions, Inc. (ESI) he asked me to invest in and create the Northern California Division. Using the same problem-solving philosophy, we were able to grow ESI to revenue of $35 million in 10 years. All of those experiences were key to me starting my own very successful company when ESI was sold

Dev Shukla, Ph.D
Founder and CEO, Innovative Technical Solutions, Inc.

“For many years I had the privilege to work closely with Dr. Ellison, solving some of the most challenging Superfund Projects throughout the US and was most impressed with Dick’s ability to always surround himself with the best and brightest people as well as his passion for the work and his commitment to problem solving in a way that was both challenging and enjoyable.  Together, we were able to grow and expand a group of problem solving professionals with the reputation of being the best at developing the most cost-effective solutions that could be accepted by our clients, governing agencies and often the public.    I have taken this philosophy, and the unique experience of working with Dick, with me over the past 20 years of starting and growing my own company.”

Edmond Bourke
Founder and CEO C2 REM