Advisory Board

Cheryl Ann Ellison

“As a wife, mother, business woman, ordained minister, author and public speaker, I strive to empower others to realize their full potential. The Path2HappiSuccess provides a roadmap to make educated choices about college majors and careers for lifelong success and happiness.”

Dr. Chip Espinoza

“As a university educator, dean and author of a series of books on integrating millennials into the
workplace, the topic of finding your path to a successful and happy career is close to my heart.
The PATH2HappiSucess program helps millennials get on the right track to help them achieve
their goals of a happy and successful career.”

Lisa Flom

"Path2 provides students and those in career transition an opportunity to invest in themselves and create a brighter, better future than they could have imagined."

Richard Franzi

“In working with CEOs and senior executives, I realize the importance of workers finding the right
careers for their unique personalities and aptitudes. Utilizing the PATH2HappiSuccess program
ensures a happier, more engaged and successful workplace.”

Shannon Johnson

“Building my business with the sole mission to help young adults find their purpose in life, is why I am honored to be partnered with PATH2HappiSuccess. Together, we can make a greater impact on happiness in the workforce!”

Mario Rodriguez

“As the chief mentor for the Hispanic 100’s Mentor Program, I have worked with hundreds of college students. Finding their best major and top career is a challenge. The PATH2HappiSuccess is a proven solution in helping them achieve their dreams of a successful and happy career path.”

Lisa Telles

“As someone who is transitioning from a 30-year career as a chief communications officer for a government agency to working for herself, I am finding that what really makes you happy can be hard to pin down when inundated with responsibilities and constant input. The Path2HappiSuccess program provides clarity and a plan to move in a direction that can lead to an exciting and previously unimagined future."

Doug Wooley

“I firmly believe that knowledge is very powerful tool if used properly. Path2HappiSuccess is the tool that will start students on the road to success and provides the self-knowledge for a successful career. I’m happy to be a part of program because I’m able to help shape tomorrow’s leaders today.”