A majority of students have no idea what career they want to pursue when they begin college. Too often this results in their requiring 6 years to graduate and being forced to take a job they have no passion or innate talent in, and ultimately, a career they are not happy in.  This is because they lack the knowledge of the key ingredients required to have a successful college experience and a happy and successful, long-term career as illustrated in the diagram below.

PATH2HappiSuccess has developed an affordable and easy to use process for students to determine their Top Career and Best Major that closely parallels the four “Ikigai” key interconnected circles.  Proven factors used in the PATH2HappiSuccess program to satisfy the four key ingredients are:

  • LOVE: Personality, Aptitude and Preferences
  • GOOD AT: Aptitude, Interests, Preferences and Top Traits
  • NEEDS: O*NET, Projected Growth and Job Openings
  • PAID FOR: O*NET Median and High Salary range

See www.path2happisuccess.com for more.