College statistics show that about 1/3 of college students are happy and graduate in 4 years.  This percentage closely aligns with the number of students entering college knowing their best major.  Being part of this one-third provides many large benefits both in college and for their entire career.

Benefits During College

This triggers a “high energy level” and maximum college success:
  • A focus on classes that contribute to their major.
  • Getting better grades on topics they enjoy and are good at.
  • Immediate respect with professors.
  • The ability to pursue critically important solid internships.
  • An early start toward graduate school decisions.
Examples of significant financial benefits:
  • Avoidance of tuition and living expenses for two extra years.
  • Two years of salary are gained.
  • Burdensome student debt is avoided.

Long-Term Career Benefits

Careers they both excel in and love are reflected in financial and emotional benefits in everything they do.
  • Because of internships, they get:
    • immediate employment in a good organization in a job they are especially skilled in.
    • An increased stating salary of $10,000 to $20,000.
  • Added salary of at least $40,000 per year from modest promotions; or $1.5 million added career income.
  • The opportunity for much more as upper management with even a much higher salary.
  • Most importantly a career they love and can’t wait for each week and each day to begin.

These benefits substantially improve their personal and family standard of living, a standard substantially greater than many of their peers.

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