When I was in high school, college and eventually the NFL with the Seattle Seahawks, each week our coaches provided us a game plan.  The goal of the game plan was to provide us with the best opportunity of succeeding – winning.

Conversely, not having a game plan leads to confusion, a lack of confidence and disorganization, making it very easy for the team to flounder and fail.

Much like walking onto the field without a game plan, walking onto a college campus without one will lead to stress, anxiety and uncertainty of what the future holds for youYou will take courses you aren’t interested in, likely changing your major 2 to 3 times, which will add additional years, costs and Student Debt.

Worst of all, it will be difficult to find solid internships needed to get a good job in your major area.  In the end, you will likely be forced to take a job not in your major area, earning less than you anticipated and with limited potential for advancement. All of this creating a direct pathway toward being part of the 70% of Americans not happy with their job or career.

The PATH2HappiSuccess program is designed to specifically provide students with a Solid and Successful College/Career Game Plan.  The program provides an affordable and easy-to-use process that quickly allows high school and college students to determine their Top Career and Best Major. For more information, please explore www.PATH2HappiSuccess.com.