Alarming College Graduate Statistics are repeatedly shown by Very Strong Polls and Expert Investigations.
  • Gallup, Purdue, Strada Institute, U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, Burning Glass Technologies.
Alarming College Graduate Statistics.
  • 70% of graduates do not get jobs in their major area, and
  • Almost 50% only get jobs that do require a degree.  These graduates are called “Underemployed”.
  • These students usually require 6 yrs. to graduate.
Financial Impacts of being part of “Underemployed” Graduates!
  • Added tuition/room and board and lost income during 2 added college years: $85,000 to $175,000
  • Lost Income during their 40 year career: $1.0 to >$2.0 Million
  • Added, Burdensome Student Loan Debt: $25,000 to $75,000
 Non-financial Impacts!
  • “everything in our future — not just how we spend eight hours a day, 50 weeks a year — but probably who we’re going to marry, the neighborhood in which we live, who our friends are going to be, and how much money we have to spend.” (After Dr. John Krumboltz Professor Emeritus at Stanford)
  • Contributes to the college “Mental Health Crisis”, related to lack of money and direction and inability to get jobs
  • Having no firm direction and changing majors 2 or more times, is often the main cause.
  • There has not been any reliable method to determine a student’s top career and best major.
Why do Students Change Majors?
  • Parents often assume “it will work itself out”.
  • Advisors and councilors have no reliable process.
  • Many major changes are based on emotions, with no solid reason.
Are there any Existing processes to reliably determine a top career and best major?
  • Existing programs, primarily based on the personality and/or aptitude tests, provide 40 or 50 highly variable careers (Bartender to Brain Surgeon) that might be good; with no way to narrow them to the best.
  • Many students simply throw-up-their-hands and ignore the results altogether.
What makes the PATH2 program more reliable?
  • It includes:
    • The integrated consideration of all-important personal characteristics:  personality, aptitude, interests, preferences and traits
    • A detailed understanding of the most important factors (e.g., Salary, growth, education requirements and the Student passion) for each candidate career that might be good for them.
    • An affordable and straight forward, 5-Step process for the student to systematically rank the characteristics of candidate careers
  • All decisions are made by the Student, making it virtually impossible to reach a bad conclusion.
How does the PATH2 process maximize the student’s potential to be happy and successful?
  • The potential for the Student to be highly motivated is maximized because they will be very passionate and especially good at their Top Career, which will pay well and be in demand.
  • This combination will maximize the potential for the Student to build a solid career foundation and to gain substantial promotions during their career.
  • The student will also understand other careers that would be good for them, in the event that market conditions for their selected career were to change at any time in the future.

PATH2HappiSuccess provides an affordable and easy-to-use program that quickly allows high school and college students to determine their Top Career and Best Major. For more information, please explore