Several studies highlight the negative economic effects associated with college students taking longer to graduate from college.  We’ve discussed these effects in the mini-blog Avoid negative effects of the 6-year college trend.  However, seldom mentioned are the negative emotional impacts that result from students being unable to find a career and major that they have a passion for or are good at.

These emotional impacts hit hard during college but are often substantial for their entire lifetime.  Students that are unable to determine a major and therefore graduate later than expected can experience:

  • A lack of confidence and engagement during their college years.
  • Stress from additional Student Debt incurred from 2 extra years of college.
  • Feeling unprepared for a life and career after college.

This is not to mention that indecision about a major can result in:

  • Not being able to get critical, solid internships
  • Not being hired for 6 to 10 months after graduation.
  • Not getting a job in a career area that they are very good at and passionate about.
  • Frequently having to take jobs that do not require a degree.
  • 35 to 40 years of not being happy with or engaged in their career.

Eliminating this stress and future difficulties are some of the reasons PATH2HappiSuccess has developed an affordable and easy to use program that helps students determine their Top Career and Best Major before entering college.


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