Dr. Richard Ellison

Founder & Creator

Dr. Richard Ellisonis the founder and creator of PATH2HappiSuccess, the only online program that empowers people to find lifelong career success and happiness by utilizing proven personality, interest and aptitude tests integrated with his proprietary process. The program is based on his book, Career Happiness and Success, which has a five-star ranking on Amazon.

Dr. Ellison initially created the PATH2HappiSuccess program for his grandchildren and family friends, who needed help identifying their best majors and future career paths. It was such a success for them that he decided to roll the student program out publicly and then added the career transition program.

PATH2HappiSuccess is the second career for Dr. Ellison. Previously, he spent more than 40 years as the CEO and key growth manager of several very successful, national environmental consulting and engineering companies.

“I originally created PATH2HappiSuccess to help my own grandchildren and family friends find the path to their college and career happiness and success. Based on their success, I decided to make it available to help everyone find lifelong career success and happiness based on the things that make them unique – their Aptitude, Personality, Interests, Preferences and Traits. Subsequently, we have tailored the program to also help adults wanting and/or needing to transition into new and better careers.”

In each of his management positions, Dr. Ellison hired, managed, mentored and partnered with many highly talented professionals in a variety of Engineering, Scientific and Program Management positions. Many of those colleagues grew to be top-level managers in elite companies including nine who went on to found and create their own very successful companies with annual revenues between $10 and $270 million.

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Dave Des Rochers

Vice President

Dave Des Rochers is the Vice President and Director of Sales at PATH2HappiSuccess, where he has been instrumental in the development of both the Student and Career Transition programs that help people find career happiness and success based on their unique characteristics, capabilities and types of things they like to do.He joined PATH2HappiSuccess in 2017.

After retiring as a professional football player with the Seattle Seahawks, Dave had to reinvent himself in a new career. He spent a couple of years as a professional actor appearing in TV shows and movies before moving on to spend more than 20 very successful years providing wealth management advicetoindividuals, families, businesses and pensions.

After being in sports for much of his life, Dave understands the necessity of having a solid Game Plan in order to achieve success. He sees the PATH2HappiSuccess program as part of animportant Game Plan enabling each student and adult to determine their top career,resulting in a happy and successful lifetime experience.

“After many years as a professional athlete and coach, I helped foundPATH2HappiSuccess soIcan help other people find their game plan to pursue their true career calling and a life of happiness and success. It gives me great joy to see people discover new careers that are truly thebest fit for them.”

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Sandra Eckardt

Public Relations

Sandra Eckardt is on the Public Relations team for PATH2HappiSuccess where she is responsible for creating visibility and credibility for the Student and Career Transition programs. Sandra has created and implemented PR programs for well-known consumer brands including Coca-Cola, Panasonic, Clint Eastwood, and Nestle.

“Career happiness and success is tied directly to how closely one’s career aligns with their aptitude, personality, interests and preferences. It is my pleasure to share PATH2HappiSuccess with the world, giving more people ability to find their true calling and finding fulfillment.”

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Teri Sawyer

Public Relations

Teri Sawyer is on the Public Relations team for PATH2HappiSuccess where she is responsible for creating visibility and credibility for both the Student and Career Transition programs. Teri has created and implemented PR programs for business and consumer brands including Toshiba, Mitsubishi and Pedego Electric Bikes.

“I’ve seen the success of PATH2HappiSuccess in my own friends and family members. Taking the program helped reveal their best careers for lifelong happiness and success.”

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