Dave Des Rochers On Living Room Business Summit


In this powerful LIVING ROOM BUSINESS SUMMIT, you’ll:

✅Be Inspired

✅Be driven to keep your business moving

✅ Take back practical pro-tips to your company and team.

It’s not about adopting the newest fads for overnight success OR about following the latest social media trend – it’s about having proven methods to sustain and grow your business in all climates.

These principles will help you build a business foundation for unshakeable – and lasting – business success. Marketing, Virtual events, client generation, being BOLD and MORE!

After watching our professionals, you’ll have a simple framework to consistently bring in clients and sales (plus, more business clarity then you’ve ever had before).

Path2Happisuccess had their Vice President and Partner, Dave Des Rochers on to discuss “Building a Game Plan” – and the process of Ikigai (which is a Japanese term that means “a reason for being”). These topics are very important in Path2’s program and this is our way of helping the business community in this trying time.