Dave DesRochers Delivers Rousing Speech at Operation New Hope

Dave DesRochers was the keynote speaker at the Operation New Hope event in April 2019 held in Rancho Cucamonga. A former Seattle Seahawks NFL player, he shared his motivational story to a group of 50 students, ages 18-24, who are working hard to finish high school.

He told them, “You are not starting at the bottom. You are starting at your beginning. Tomorrow is behind you. Today you are bettering your life.”

DesRochers shared the story of the twists and turns of his own career from NFL football player to actor to successful financial advisor and now as partner and vice president of PATH2HappiSuccess. He explained to the students how mental tough-ness, resiliency and focusing on their strengths will help them accomplish your goals.

A devoted father and volunteer coach, DesRochers understands young people’s need for mentoring and coaching. “I volunteer because I can make a difference in young people’s lives.”