Dave DesRochers Shares His Story at 29th Annual Career Symposium

Dave DesRochers, vice president at PATH2HappiSuccess, shared the story of his career path to more than 100 high school seniors who gathered to attend the Capistrano Valley Unified School District’s 29th Annual Career Symposium on Thursday, February 28, 2019.

Sponsored by the Monarch Beach Sunrise Rotary Club, the program was entitled, “Leadership and You! What every Gen Z needs to know and do to build a remarkable career.” In addition to DesRochers, the event featured several other successful panelists who told their stories, providing insights and motivation to the senior high school students.

DesRochers shared his story of becoming a professional NFL football player for the Seattle Sea Hawks right out of college. He said he only played for a couple of years and joked that for him, NFL meant, “Not for Long.” After his NFL career, he played football in Canada as part of the World League before becoming an actor in TV shows, movies and commercials. He then spent 20 years providing wealth management advice to individuals, families, businesses and pensions.

After selling his financial business, he joined PATH2HappiSuccess, where, as the vice president, he supports the company’s mission to help people find happy and successful careers based on what makes them unique. The company offers programs to help students find their best college majors and top careers and for adults in transition to identify their next steps.

In working with PATH2HappiSuccess, DesRochers has found his passion in helping others, particularly high school students who are going to college and need to identify the right majors that match their personality, aptitude, interests and natural traits. He donates time to mentoring and coaching high school students both on and off the football field and to speaking to groups of both students and adults seeking happy and successful careers.

DesRochers’ advice included:

Understanding what makes you unique can help you find your best major and top career: your personality, aptitude, interests and natural traits

  • Explore every viable opportunity to see if it is a fit for you
  • Utilize helpful tools such as the PATH2HappiSuccess programs
  • Take failure as a stepping stone to your future success and happiness
  • Never ever give up!

DesRochers donated a free PATH2HappiSuccess program ($449 value) to the event raffle. The lucky winner was Alicia Sutjipto, a high school senior at San Juan Hills High School.