Invest Eight Hours to Change Your life With PATH2HappiSuccess Student Program

Online program reveals the best career and college major options based on a student’s unique personality, aptitude, interests, preferences and natural abilities.

COTO DE CAZA, Calif., Aug. 13, 2019 — Just eight hours can change your future. To help college students find college and career success, the online program PATH2HappiSuccess™ guides them on an eight-hour journey to find their best majors and future career options — a small investment compared to 80,000 hours spent in the typical career.

Developed by Dr. Richard Ellison, author of Career Happiness and Success, the PATH2HappiSuccess program utilizes proven testing technologies, including “16 Personalities” and MAPP aptitude® tests and the Strong Interest Inventory® along with Dr. Ellison’s proprietary evaluation process. The program also helps users navigate the U.S. Labor Department’s O*NetOnline career database, which includes salary expectations, educational requirements and the long-term outlook for each career.

“The PATH2HappiSuccess empowers students to identify their best majors and career options based on what makes them unique, including their personalities, aptitudes, interests, preferences and natural abilities,” Dr. Ellison said. “It gives them a roadmap for the actions they need to take to find their ideal majors and future careers.”

Save College Costs, Gain Internships, Build Confidence, Get a Solid Job at Graduation

Choosing their best majors early on can help students graduate in four years or less instead of the typical five to six years that results from students changing their majors two or more times. Graduating in four years will save $50,000 to $100,000 or more in college costs and avoid additional student loans. Graduating sooner also gets students into their careers and earning sooner.

Selecting college majors for which they are both passionate and have a strong aptitude enables students to have more focused and successful college experiences. College success helps them build confidence, gain better internships, graduate on time and obtain a good job in the area of their college majors upon graduation.

Choosing a career direction also helps students win internships related to their future careers. Internships provide real-world experience that is necessary for them to be hired immediately after college.

Most importantly, college success sets them up to be part of the 31 percent of college graduates who are engaged and happy in their careers and helps avoid the potential for them to be part of the 50 percent of college graduates who settle for jobs that do not require a college degree.

“By choosing the correct majors, students save valuable time and money and can obtain the right internships to help jumpstart happy and successful careers,” said Dr. Chip Espinoza, dean of Strategy and Innovation at Vanguard University in Irvine, Calif., and adjunct professor at UCLA Extension Corporate Education & Customs Programs. Espinoza is a highly respected author, speaker and consultant on integrating millennials into the workforce.

Users’ entire lives are greatly improved by the PATH2HappiSuccess program’s ability to identify college majors and careers that match their unique qualities and capabilities

“The PATH2HappiSuccess program’s thorough, personalized guidance helped validate my choice to major in biology and pursue a career in the health sciences. It gave me the confidence to pursue a successful future in medicine,” said Erin Kennedy, who completed her first year of college as a biology major at BYU in the spring of 2019.

“The PATH2HappiSuccess program said I would be happy and successful in a career in Geographic Information Systems (GIS), something I had never heard of before taking the program. From the day I completed the program, I embraced my GIS major and internships,” said Chase Halleck, who graduated with his BS in GIS from California State University at Chico in 2018 and is currently studying for his MS degree in GIS at the same university.

“I have volunteered at a family service center for many years. However, until I took the PATH2HappiSuccess program, I didn’t know this was a career I could actually do. Based on the program, I found that becoming a social worker will make me both happy and successful,” said Miranda Ageson, who graduated with her BS in Psychology from the University of California, San Diego, in spring 2019. She is starting her master’s program this fall with the goal of becoming a licensed California social worker.

PATH2HappiSuccess is priced at $449, a very affordable investment to support a student’s college success as well as career-long financial benefits and personal fulfillment. “For an investment of less than the average cost of one college course and just eight hours of time, students can potentially avoid $100,000 or more in college costs while finding fulfilling careers at which they have the greatest ability to be successful,” Dr. Ellison said.

About PATH2HappiSuccess

PATH2HappiSuccess college and career transition programs empower students and adults to find lifelong career success and happiness. Utilizing proven personality and aptitude tests, integrated with a proprietary process developed by Dr. Richard Ellison, author of Career Happiness and Success, PATH2HappiSuccess identifies each person’s top career choice and best college major based on their unique personality, aptitude, interests, preferences and natural traits. For more information, visit

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