PATH2HappiSuccess Creator Dr. Richard Ellison Quoted in Forbes

Dr. Richard Ellison was quoted in Forbes’ article, “11 Activities That Will Help Your Team Work Together Better.” Highlighting team-building tips for businesses, the article ran at in June 2019. See the full article here.

Dr. Ellison’s quote focused building a strong team atmosphere by bonding through family-oriented events based on his experience as the head of two very successful national environmental consulting and engineering companies.

“I recommend getting entire families involved in organization activities. In our engineering and consulting firm, we held family events, such as picnics and even weekend outings, rather than holiday parties for just the adults. These events allowed our staff to see their co-workers in a different light and resulted in many strong social ties between families. This, in turn, created a “strong team atmosphere” that enhanced the culture at the office, provided better solutions for our clients and contributed to the bottom line.”

The founder and creator of PATH2HappiSuccess career assessment programs for college students and those in career transition, Dr. Ellison is an expert on career happiness and success and is the author of an Amazon five-star business book, Career Happiness and Success. He is a member of the Forbes Coaches Council.