Today, parents spend thousands of dollars to help their students get into college. College coaching, advisement, standardized testing preparation programs and more are all available to help your student get into college.

However, none assist students in identifying their top career choices and best majors for those careers prior to selecting and applying to a college.

For a minimal investment, the PATH2HappiSuccess is the only program available today to evaluate multiple parameters in a quick and easy-to-use process to define the best career and major for a successful college and lifetime career. Students knowing their top career and major makes college much more fun, less stressful, leads to better grades, great internships and a focused future.  And, if you use a college coach or other advisement services, armed with our results allow these groups to be much more efficient and effective.

Sign up today or request more information to learn why PATH2HappiSuccess is one of your best investments to prepare for college and life.

PATH2HAPPISuccess is an online, interactive program that includes:  Four Sessions of multiple matrices with instructions on every page, as well as a corresponding workbook and guidance for independent research, along with a customer service hotline to answer questions your student may have. If you have a tracking or P2 special value code, please apply at checkout.

One-Time Payment

One-time payment:

Installment Payments

4 month installment plan

$115 per month

For volume pricing and/or strategic partnerships,

We accept the following methods of payment:

Upon approval:

  • An introductory email will be sent to the student regarding how to get started.  If the parent paid, they will also receive a copy of the letter.