The following Mini-Blog was initially prepared for existing workers in career transition.  However, the information is also useful for students to understand:

  • The factors of most importance to workers changing jobs. As discussed, pure compensation generally is not the first reason.  Instead, they want to find jobs/careers that will give them a stronger career path to do what they do best.
  • That in order to ever achieve this objective, it will be essential for them to determine a career in which they will be especially good and passionate about.

The high frequency in which professionals change jobs can be due to 2 major conditions. They realize that:

  • Their employer’s size, markets and/or philosophy do not lend themselves to opportunities for growth and related emotional or financial objectives, or
  • They are not good and/or passionate enough to compete for advancements with their current employer.

The primary objectives for people changing jobs have been determined by large surveys conducted by LinkedIn and Gallup.  The LinkedIn survey shows the top reasons people join a new organization to be:

  1. Stronger career path / more opportunity
  2. Better compensation/benefits
  3. The work sounds more challenging
  4. Better fit for my skills and interests
  5. More ability to make an impact
  6. They believe in the company’s overall direction

The Gallup poll showed that the items of greatest importance in a new organization are: 

  1. The ability to do what they do best.
  2. Greater work-life balance and better personal well-being
  3. Greater stability
  4. A significant increase in income
  5. The opportunity to work for a company with a great brand or reputation.

The majority of items in both lists can be best satisfied if they are especially good at and passionate about the new careers/jobs they are pursuing.  This is because attractive employers will almost always give the best opportunities to those employees who are the most engaged because they are happiest and most passionate about the work they are doing and the products that are delivering.

Because of their exceptional performance, they will:

  • Be assigned work they do best and are passionate about.
  • Be better compensated because they will be part of the Team.
  • Be rewarded by recognition, bonuses, promotions and a strong feeling of stability.
  • Be happy with the organization’s direction, which coincides with their own.

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