The PATH2HappiSuccess program provides each student with focus, helping them to achieve their goals and minimize the impact of the negative outcomes of uncertainty.

An undefined path toward the future can lead to:

  • Extended years in college
  • Taking classes that don’t apply
  • Incurring additional debt
  • Inability to gain experience via important internships
  • Inability to get a good job
  • An overall feeling of uncertainty, stress and overwhelming challenges. Not knowing how to best utilize their time in college presents a challenge and unnecessary stress for students.

Any one of these contributes to increasing a student’s and family’s stress. A student’s confidence in their career and major makes college much more fun and less stressful, leads to better grades, great internships and a focused future.

After College Benefits

Results of a recent “AfterCollege Career Insights Survey” conducted among college students and recent grads identified a growing sense of anxiety about the transition from the classroom to the work environment.

Another benefit of our program is a student’s improved ability to secure internships that align with their top career. Why is this important?

  • Employers increasingly see their internship programs as the best path for hiring entry-level candidates
  • Employers increasingly want to see that the new grads they hire have experience in their major
  • Internships will help them build their resume
  • A student often gets paid more if they have one or more internships on their resume
  • And, they’ll gain confidence

And what are the potential financial benefits of knowing your best major early?

  • College experience is not extended by two years at a savings of $40 to $100K
  • Resulting in two years of additional wages >$60 to $120K
  • The ability to get a job related to your “Best Major” resulting in increased salary potential (For example, 40 years of work at $25K additional salary per year results in >$800K in career-long income)
  • Greatly increased opportunity to be promoted to a management level (For example, 30 years at $50K more salary per year results in >$1.5 million in career-long income)

These are just a few of the many future benefits your student can realize from the result of completing the PATH2HappiSuccess process. Want to discover more?

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