You know the old adage about book knowledge versus real-world experience, right? You can study how to do something, but actually doing it is an entirely different matter. Working a job is a perfect example.

That’s why Internships and Part-Time jobs are invaluable to fresh college graduates:

They provide hands-on experience, so your knowledge can quickly and confidently be applied and developed. So, a prospective employer knows that your learned abilities are real.

Research shows that Internships and Part-Time work are often the most important aspect of being hired into a good career.  For example:

“Employers place more weight on experience, particularly internships and employment during school vs. academic credentials including GPA and college major when evaluating a recent graduate for employment.” –  Chronicle of Higher Education and American Public Media’s Marketplace.

PATH2HappiSuccess has developed an affordable and straight-forward program specifically designed to give students the best opportunity to start college in a major they are confident about, good at and passionate about.  This combination will make them attractive for good Internships and/or Part-Time work almost immediately.

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