The Solution

Introducing PATH2HappiSuccess

Developed by Dr. Richard Ellison and based on his book, Career Happiness & Success, A Definitive Path to Determine Your Best Career; PATH2HappiSuccess is the only program that takes into consideration all five personal characteristics:

  1. 1 Aptitude
  2. 2 Personality Type
  3. 3 Personal Interests
  1. 4 Personal Preferences
  2. 5 Top Traits/Talents

Each student has a unique path. Following our process helps them eliminate the stress and uncertainty associated with transitioning to and navigating their time in college by leading them down the path that determines their top career and best major.  And for high school students, they begin the journey prior to even applying to a college.

How It Works

A combination of four instructional videos, corresponding workbook and independent research provides students with the ability to identify the best choice for a career and the corresponding major.

Top 10 Vocation Areas


Top 5 Career Areas

*Myers-Briggs Type Indicator

Top Fifteen Careers

*O*NET Online, Salary, Growth, Education Requirements

Top Five Careers

*Salary, Growth, Education Requirements, Personal Interest, Personal Preferences

Top Two Careers

*Top 5 Natural Traits

Top Singular Career

*Detailed Research of Top 2 Careers

Top Singular Major

*College Board, Book of Majors

The PATH2HappiSuccess process is designed to take 15 – 20 hours of the student’s time, including detailed research on the final 2 candidate careers.  In comparison with other activities they may participate in, the PATH2 program is the most efficient and cost-effective time they will invest in their future. For example:

  • Two extra years of college is > 400 days
  • Average teenager plays a minimum of 3,744 hours of video games during their high school years
  • Playing and practicing sports up to and through high school > 1,000 days
  • Trying to find a good job > 100 days
  • Retraining for career change > 500 days

Key Student Characteristics

These key characteristics when implemented within PATH2HappiSuccess’s process help to create a clearer picture for each student in defining their top career and best major to achieve those career goals.


We assume that each student wanting to succeed is motivated. After all, self-motivation will be necessary for them to reach their full potential at any stage of their education or career.


Simply put, if a student is doing something they are good at and enjoy doing, the opportunity for them to reach their full potential in school, their career and life has no boundaries.  Identifying a student’s aptitude in our process is key in defining their top career and best college major.

Personality Type

When it comes to life, whether a student is an extrovert or introvert will have an influence on their choice of potential careers and majors. Anyone desiring to be highly successful should understand where they fit within the Myers-Briggs 16 personality types. This is a key factor that helps define a student’s opportunities for success.

Personal Interests

PATH2HappiSuccess takes into consideration the types of activities a person likes to do such as building things, debating ideas, leading people, traveling/exploring, being outdoors or pounding away at a keyboard.

Personal Preferences

The ways they like to work, such as working in teams or individually, contributes to the process of defining a student’s preference for the career they would like to have. After all, everyone would be much happier doing a job that matches their most important interests and preferences.

Top Traits/Talents

Traits are natural, unique characteristics that determine how a student will respond in different situations, as well as how they relate to others. Generally, you will be best at doing activities that match your Top Traits. Isolating those activities that match a student’s Top Traits will put them on the right path because they will be able to do those activities naturally and with confidence.

As college debt continues to rise, the skills gap widens because of our ever-changing world resulting in a significant number of workers falling prone to unemployment or underemployment. Based on the current business environment, it is more important than ever for a student to focus early on their top careers and best majors for a successful and happy life.