Stat 1: 25% of students enter college knowing what they want to be, never change majors, and graduate in 4 years.

At the same time, only 25% to 30% of those graduates get hired immediately into their majors at graduation; and only 30% of American workers are happy and totally engaged in their careers.

Stat 2: 75% of students entering college do not know what they want to be. They change majors 1-to-3 times, graduate in 6 years (while taking on significant student loan debt), don’t get hired for 6-to-10 months afterwards, and are forced to take jobs out of their major, which often do not require a degree.

At the same time, it is reported that 70% of American workers are not happy in their 35-to-40 year careers.

These are not coincidences.  For the most part:

  • The 25% of students entering college knowing what they want to be are the ones getting jobs immediately after graduating in areas they are good at and are passionate about. For the long-term, they dominate in achieving job promotions and are part of the 30% of Americans happy in their work.
  • The 75% of students entering college not knowing what they want to be are part of the 70% of American workers forced to work in jobs they are not passionate about, and therefore, they are not happy or engaged in their work.

Don’t get left behind. Be a part of the successful 25%-to-30%

A logical conclusion from these situations is that if you want to be a part of the 25% to 30% of students who graduate in 4 years and are employed in jobs you love; you must determine your Best Major and Top Career choice before you enter college.

Statistics show, if you don’t know what you want to be when you enter college, you will most likely graduate in 6 years, have significant student loan debt, and will work in a career you are unhappy in for your entire career.

The differences between these two situations are very significant and life-altering . The differences and can also determine your ultimate happiness or unhappiness in your career and in your life. In his study of the impact of college major selection, Dr. John Krumboltz, Professor Emeritus at Stanford University stated:

“This is a big problem in society — and it’s overlooked and unrecognized. Here is a decision that affects everything in our future — not just how we spend eight hours a day, 50 weeks a year — but probably who we’re going to marry, the neighborhood in which we live, who our friends are, and how much money we have to spend.

A decision with such profound consequences deserves careful study. How much time do young people spend planning it and considering options? Many give more thought to choosing a new pair of shoes. For many people, it’s a decision they never knew they made — it was made by default.”

We could not agree more with this quote. The real shame is that this is a massive, unintended result stemming from parents’ and/or students’ misunderstanding that choosing the right major is critically important when entering or already attending college. This is a primary reason PATH2HappiSuccess was developed :

To provide an affordable and easy-to-use program that quickly allows: 1) high school and college students to determine their Top Career and Best Major; and 2) adults in career transition to determine their best new career.

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