Without a solid career plan, you will change your major 1 to 3 times, resulting in:

  • An added 1 or 2 years to graduate, at high cost, lost salary and increased Student Debt.
  • No solid internships required to be considered for a good career in your major area.
  • Having to take a less attractive job after 6 to 10 months after graduation, often not even requiring a degree.
  • A loss of more than $1 million across your career creating difficulty in paying back your Student Debt.
  • A 35 to 40 year career in which you are not happy.

These inevitable factors result in about 70% of college graduates who are not happy with their career, as determined in a large Gallup poll.

Determining a pathway toward a happy career is one of the key reasons PATH2HappiSuccess has developed an affordable and easy to use program that allow students to quickly determine their ideal career and major, and helps them formulate a plan for:

  • A positive college experience studying a topic they are good at and passionate about.
  • Solid internships necessary to get a good job in their major area at graduation.
  • Graduating in about 4 years.
  • A 35 to 40-year career in which they will be happy, successful and well-compensated for.

See www.path2happisuccess.com for more.